My BTO Singapore Reno – What Could Have Been Done Differently?

As the BTO Singapore reno comes to an end, I think I can learn from the mistakes I made and what could have been done differently. These are some lessons learned during this time.

I must admit, there were many things about the apartment that I was not used to or well prepared for. Living in a large apartment complex is different than living in a small one, and I had no idea where I would go to work and how I would do business with the tenants who were being rented out.

There was also a personal problem at home, which I wasn’t ready to deal with. This was when my boyfriend started showing much less interest in me.

Before the reno, I knew if I did not get another apartment, I would be forced to sleep on the streets. I, therefore, did not even try to find somewhere to rent since I was doing so much work and had no plans for the future. I got really worried that I would be homeless and in desperate need of money.

Renting is a mistake for me

It’s a common notion that apartment renting is a miserable experience. But, as the years pass by, you realize how horrible it really is. All of the stress and tension and not getting enough sleep coupled with not getting a chance to live your own life.

It’s hard to find somewhere to rent, especially at the best of times, and not getting any real time to spend with the family time. It might be also difficult to find someone who would offer any assistance or help. Somehow, it is often a big hassle finding the right agent, finding the right place and negotiating a good deal.

It’s no wonder that people avoid the complex complex complex because they are afraid of being vulnerable. They want to pay as little as possible to leave the complex as a clue to the rest of the apartment complex.

Having the last laugh

And, as the Complex Reno comes to an end, it becomes even more stressful. It’s now either move out of the complex, rent a larger place, or get a new apartment with roommates who also need a place to live.

In the end, I still want to get my family life back together. I don’t know how I’m going to do that now. If I had had a great agent, I would not have had to do as much searching around.

That’s all I wanted – an apartment. Instead, I was forced to rent an apartment. I ended up losing my apartment because I had gotten a higher quote and paid more for it than I really needed to.

The Final Reno came to an end at the best of times. So, I hope everyone can take from these tips to avoid these pitfalls in the future.

BTO Reno needs to be carefully thought of
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