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The Impact of the Enhanced CPF Housing Grant

To make up for the shortage of affordable residential properties, the government has used the country’s two most successful housing schemes to help finance the implementation of the housing schemes that were not possible under the previous administration. The city-state is now looking forward to the implementation of the second phase of its housing reforms. […]

How Rising Housing Supply May Affect Market Outlook

Over the past few years, it has been hard to get mortgages or refinance on a home because of rising housing supply, and over the next several years this trend is only going to get worse. With each passing day, house prices continue to rise, making home ownership a necessity, not a luxury. Rising house […]

Condos With the Most Leasing Deals in Q3

Let’s go check out the condos with the most leasing deals in Q3. Today, I want to tell you about a great way to find great deals on your next home! This is a great time to move and it can help you find your dream condo that you can call your own. Let’s start […]

Price Hikes Could Persist Until Q3 2020

Short-term and long-term home price increases are not consistent across the board for every real estate market. As a result, home sellers and investors alike should be prepared for home price hikes until at least Q3 2020. For those who are not prepared for price hikes, this could present a problem during the past several […]

Residential Property Management Tips

Over the past few years, due to the increased demand for private properties and real estate, the market has witnessed an increase in the demand for building rental homes. It is believed that as the demand for property increases, the supply of properties also increases and that means, the price of these properties also goes […]

Age Limit For First-Time Resale Buyers

The owners of some of the most popular HDB flats in Singapore have raised questions regarding the “age limit” for first-time resale HDB flat buyers. The question is whether the age limit should be lowered to allow more people into the market who would otherwise be unable to afford a home in HDB flat. The […]

The unexpected benefits of hiring a property agent

If you’ve decided to sell your house, and if you are considering taking out a mortgage loan, it is important that you consider the benefits of hiring a property agent to help you. When you are going through the process of selling your house, there are some factors that you will need to consider. Stress. […]

Property Playbook For Buying Houses in Singapore

A Property Playbook for Buying Houses in Singapore is essential for anyone looking to buy their first property. As you read this article, you’ll find the key items you’ll need to keep in mind. Getting a good broker who can help you buy your first property in Singapore is a crucial first step. There are […]